Thoughts on Summer Tutoring

In many cases parents consider hiring tutors for their children during the summer. While having your child attend tutoring during the summer can be helpful and beneficial to his or her education career, it is not always appropriate or necessary.

Before hiring a tutor over the summer for your child, consider why you feel that the tutor is needed. Did your child struggle with his or her course work during the previous school year? Did you choose tutoring over having your child be retained? Did a teacher suggest tutoring for your child? Does your child have a learning disability?

If your child struggled academically during the pervious school year, did you hire a tutor during the school months? It is usually more useful for a child to attend tutoring during the school year. If you did not hire a tutor during the last school year, consider waiting until school begins again and send your child to tutoring then. It is much more successful for your child to attend class and then use tutoring as a reinforcement for the skills learned. If you did hire a tutor during the previous school year and you feel that your child needs tutoring during the summer, express to the tutor that you only want previous learned skills enhanced and reviewed. Do not expect your child to learn new skills. Ask the tutor to play review games with your child.

If a teacher suggested retaining your child and you opted for summer tutoring instead, the answer may not necessarily be found in the tutoring sessions. If your child does not generally enjoy school and becomes frustrated easily, summer tutoring may “burn-out” your child. Many parents feel that sending their kindergarten child to tutoring during the summer is a better option than retaining. At this young of an age, children need to enjoy their time off and be children. They need to be given new experiences through traveling and reading books. However, sitting at an hour or half hour tutoring session may not be what the child needs.

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