Three Fun Things to do With Soda Pop (besides drink it)

These three things to do with soda pop are not only fun, but you can explain to your children some scientific concepts. Who knew science could be fun and refreshing?

Raisin Race

If you’re going to serve your family a treat of soda pop, you might want to make it more exciting by first having a raisin race. This game requires clear soda, so forget the Coke or Root Beer. Try Sprite, 7-up or Ginger ale. You will also want clear drinking glasses.

1. Fill each glass with an equal amount of soda. Tip the cup sideways and pour gently to minimize the fizzing. You want all the fizz still in the soda!

2. On go, everyone drops a raisin into their glass. The raisin will sink to the bottom. After sitting on the bottom for a few seconds, the raisins will quickly rise to the surface. First person’s raisin to the top wins!

Now you can fish out the raisin and then drink the soda. Why do the raisins float? Because the carbon dioxide bubbles collect on them and that increases their buoyancy.


This experiment uses only soda and salt, but you won’t want to drink it when you’re done.

1. Pour some soda into a teacup. Set the teacup inside a big bowl or plastic container that will collect the spills.

2. Quickly dump a teaspoon of salt into the soda. Watch the soda erupt!

Why does this happen? Normally, the carbon dioxide in the soda gradually forms little bubbles which rise to the top of the soda. When the salt is dumped in, the carbon dioxide grabs on to the grains of salt all at once and you have a stampede group exit.

Candy Straws

All right, this one does involve drinking the soda, but it’s certainly a little different. Pour soda into glasses and then let your kids drink it through a red licorice straw. Buy the licorice that’s like a tube in the middle. Bite off each end and then you have a candy straw for a double treat.

For extra fun, sprinkle in a few Pop Rocks candy and watch them fizzle. Don’t put in too many, or you might get an overflowing mess.