Three Games to Help Kids Remember the Bible

As I have mentioned often, I teach a children’s Bible school class on Sunday mornings. I am always trying to think of new ways for my kids to learn (and remember) the Bible lessons which I teach them. Kids love playing games, and I think that games (or at least most games) can really engage kids’ minds so that they remember the material of the game. Games can also be a great way to see how much the children are learning from lessons you teach them or lessons they hear in Bible class.

  1. Charades. This game works best with a larger group of kids (this would be a great time to invite the neighborhood kids over). Divide the children into teams and have them act out different Bible stories. I think it would be a good idea to play this kind of game after you have had several Bible lessons. Maybe you could have a weekly time when you invite your children’s friends over for Bible lessons.
  2. Trivia. This simple game could be modified in many different ways to make several different games from one idea. I also think that it is a good idea to play this kind of game after you have had several Bible lessons. Make index cards with trivia questions on them. You could be the moderator of the game, or if the children are old enough they could actually ask each other the questions. You can continue to build on your database of questions, if you make twenty questions the first time you play the game, then twenty more the next time, you already have forty questions for the game.
  3. Fill-in-the-blank. I do not have a good name for this game, but I play it often with my kids in Bible class. In this game you have many individual pieces (I like to use index cards) with a word written on each one. The children then have to put the cards in order. I like to use this game to help children remember memory verses. The game could be made from any variety of materials; however, this is the way I usually make the game. Whatever you want the children to put in order or fill-in-the blank, make index cards with each word on it. Attach a small magnet (you can buy a roll of magnet with sticky backs) to the index card. Then place a corresponding magnet on a poster board so that the child has somewhere to stick the index card.

What other games do you use with your children to help them remember Bible stories?

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