Three ideas for quick cash. (Help me with more ideas please!)

I’ve been out of touch with all of you for about a month now, due to a death in the family. Today I come back to writing and it feels good. I hope you’ve been reading Miriam’s blog posts and will continue to come back here on a daily basis.

Every weekday I’ll update you on my personal love / hate relationship with money and what I’m doing to turn it around into a win/win relationship.

Today, I’ve got a money dilemma.

There is this workshop I want to go to, and it costs $150.00.

In earlier posts I’ve written about luxury living on a budget, and taking workshops, for me, makes my heart sing and I feel luxurious. It is one of the things I love to do for myself.

So, In my old life, I would have pulled out that great ol’ credit card and charged it. I still could of course, but Hubby and I have committed to not charging anything, and staying debt free.
We budget all our spending money weeks, and sometimes months ahead.

Under these self imposed rules, I have to find another way to come up with $150.00 in the next two weeks.

Think I can do it?

Here are a few ideas I’ve got.

1. Sell something. I’ve got lots of stuff I can probably sell. After being in the same house for twenty five years, (!), I can always find something around here to sell. I’ve got old china, collectibles, children’s toys, clothes.

2. Quick find some extra chores to do. I’ve got friends and neighbors I could probably clean house for, water plants, dog walk. If I posted a flier around the neighborhood I might be able to earn some quick cash.

3. Take it out of our emergency fund. GASP. Does a fun workshop count as an emergency? Can you hear me now explaining it to Hubby.

“It is good for my emotional well being to take this workshop. If I don’t go it will be an emergency.”

4. Don’t eat this month and save on groceries. Nah.

What would you do to come up with a quick $150.00?

I need ideas please. And fast!

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