Three Little Words

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Take a moment to write them down. What three words would your husband or partner use to describe you? If you don’t know, ask. I did. Maybe they won’t be the ones you expect.

This came about after reading a recent interview with a fellow writer. Donna Shepherd was asked three words to describe herself and then how would other describe her? It made me stop and think about there words to describe myself.

Here are my three words:

Committed, (to God, to my husband and family, to friends, to writing)



I could also have added emotional, a worrier, shy, affectionate, and a string of other negatives as well as a few positives. Of course, those words can change from day to day depending on how I’m feeling. Today, I suspect I’m likely to come up with more negatives.

Often when I run writing workshops I ask people to write down seven things about themselves either character traits or things they like. It’s always a fun exercise in arriving at a starting point for writing.

Mick’s three words to describe me were: determined, (Sounds so much nicer than stubborn doesn’t it? Basically though they’re different aspects of the same character trait)

Talented – he’s one of my biggest fans. Is it any wonder that I love him!

Enjoyable – It’s nice to know after all the years we’ve been married he still finds me enjoyable.

That works in reverse too. We spend a lot of time together mainly because we enjoy being together. So much so that someone we know socially recently asked how long we’d been married.

When we told him he looked at us in surprise. ‘I thought you must’ve only been married a short time,’ he said.

I suspect that’s because we enjoy being together and I guess it shows.

Mick also added one more word to the three- annoying (for asking the question about these three words)

My three words about my husband:

Strong, I wasn’t thinking so much in a physical sense though he is that too, but strong in character.

Supportive – of me and all I do. When I listen to other women who are writers and hear of the lack of support they get, I realize again how lucky I am to have his support, though it’s not just confined to writing but anything I undertake.

Honest – He doesn’t pretend. He’s up front about things. And he doesn’t make excuses.

Why don’t you try asking your partner and see if their three words match yours? I’d love to hear your answers.

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