Three Things to Bring When Filling Out Application

I have mentioned in other posts that the application is the first job that a potential employer gives you. How you fill out the application and how you behave while you are there getting the application can have a huge effect on whether you are even considered for an interview. See “The Receptionist as Gate Keeper”, coming up in a few days, for more on how to win the approval of this ever-important person. In the meantime, here are some things that you absolutely should bring with you when you go to fill out an application.

1. Two Black Pens
Can’t I just get one from the receptionist, you ask? Well, yes you can, but you’ll look unprepared. What if it is a small business and the person who gives you the application is also the person who will be interviewing you or even your future boss? Do you really want to look like you can’t even show up with the proper writing utensils?

2. White Out
Maybe you are perfect and never make a mistake on an application. Well, I’m not. Regardless of how careful I am, I always seem to make a mistake, or I don’t pay attention and fill the wrong thing into the wrong box. If you have white out with you, then you’ll be spared the embarrassment of asking for another application. One caution, though. If you really botch your application and have more than one or two mistakes, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get a new application. You don’t want to turn in one that’s drowning in correction fluid.

3. Your Information Sheet
This is also something that I plan to cover in more detail in the future. In the meantime, though, an information sheet is just a list of all of the things you know you’ll be asked for on your application. Some things that you definitely should include are your employment dates, your employers contact information and all of the information on your references. You might also want to note some of the special skills that you want to mention.

I’m sure after finishing this list you have several other things that you think should be on it. I agree and I’ll cover more later, but as a quick and easy guide, these are the three things that are most important when you go to fill out an application. Now get out there and take that first step towards your new job!