Tie It All Together – It’s All In the Ribbon

scrapbooking ribbonEvery so often, there is a product present in the world of scrapbooking, that I just have to step back and reflect on.

Lately, this product has been ribbon. I’ve been using ribbon’s in crafting for years. And yes, even a few times on my layout before it became all the rage.

Ribbon has got to be the perfect embellishment introduced into the scrapbooking world.

You can get it almost anywhere, in every shape, color, texture and style you could ever imagine. From leather ribbons to grosgrain ribbon, stripes and plaids to dots and double sided ribbons, there’s a ribbon for every project.

And everywhere I look I’m seeing that ribbon. Scrapbook layouts and cards are painstakingly decorated using beautiful ribbons. Many of the scrapbook companies have jumped on the ribbon bandwagon and now there are ribbons that coordinate perfectly with the many different patterned papers and other embellishments available.

Not only is ribbon fun to use on your scrapbook layouts, it’s a cost effective embellishment as well. You can get a whole spool of several yards of ribbon for as little as a dollar.

Get creative with your ribbon too. Try using it in different ways on your layouts.

Instead of tying it in bows, try tying it in knots.

Use the ribbons to add festivity to other embellishments on your page.

You can use them to create strips across the page and add charms and ribbon charms.

You can use them to attach piece of cardstock to your page in a frame style.

And the coolest idea I’ve seen – printing on the ribbon. You can print a quote, title or journaling on a piece of twill ribbon. You can even journal across a piece. It’s pretty cool the way it looks!

scrapbooking ribbonHowever you decide to use your ribbon, whether you wish to dress up your layout or use it to attach items to your layouts, be creative and most of all have fun!

What do you use your different ribbons for?