“Tightwad Valentines”

These ideas for cheap (and thoughtful) homemade valentines come from Amy Dacyczyn’s The Complete Tightwad Gazette. If you still are trying to think of something thoughtful for your special someone, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just be creative! See if one of these ideas will inspire you:

 If there is snow in your area, stomp out a special valentine in the yard.

 Pick a bouquet of wild flowers or blossoms and put in a vase for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Where I live, trees are blooming and a few blossoming sticks in a vase looks very elegant.

 Rent a romantic video to watch together. Maybe there is a special flick that the two of you watched when you were first dating.

 Make a heart-shaped pizza. Top it with red ingredients like tomatoes, red peppers or pepperonis.

 Make a batch of heart-shaped cookies. Make a cutter out of a tuna can. Or, you can make one extra-large cookie and pipe a Valentine message onto it with icing.

 Give your spouse a coupon for a massage

 Write a message for your family in lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

 Instead of buying sweets for your sweetheart, make something homemade. You might try Rice Crispy Treats with a little food coloring or pink candies mixed in. Other ideas: homemade candies, chocolates, or anything your sweetheart likes dyed in red or pink.

 Pick a bouquet of some type of winter growth to put in a vase on the table. Even knotty twigs can be attractive if arranged well.

 What other sweethearts are there in your life? Make sure to do something thoughtful to others that are special to you such as your children, siblings, parents, or whoever. Even a cute little homemade card will show them that you care.