Til Death Do Us Part … That’s Easy

When you get married in a traditional ceremony, one of the vows they ask you to make is to love and cherish each other and keeping yourself only unto each other ’til death do you part. The ‘til death do you part’ portion of the vows is actually easy. Before you scoff, think about it – do you know a couple who are married who seem to have very little in common, very little to say to each other and do very little together – yet, they remain married and in that relationship because they committed to ‘til death do they part’?

I have.

Yes, the ‘til death to us part is easy – it’s everything in between saying the vows and the death parting that isn’t so easy. In fact, it’s the forgiving, the celebrating, the listening, the communicating, the remembering, the cherishing and even the just plain living day to day where we run into trouble and we have to remember that it’s not about ‘til death do us part – it’s about: in life we celebrate each other.

In Life We Celebrate Each Other?

Are you wondering what that means? Probably not, but I’ll go ahead and explain it anyway. In life we celebrate means we’re there for them on their good days and their bad. We celebrate the little successes and the triumphs and we’re more than willing to raise a glass to one another just for making it through the day. We’re happy to see them come home, we’re forgiving of their bad days because we know that a bad day is not typical for them and we resist the urge to play a game of who’s better or who’s best?

One of you will be better at something than the other, so celebrate what your spouse is good at and don’t feel like you have to compete. As for the other side of that same coin, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s a good time to hold that over your spouse’s head or use it as a club to prove your worth. Consider celebrating your spouse for their talents and letting them celebrate you for yours.

Can It Be That Simple?

If this plan sounds like it’s too simple – that’s because it can be that simple. If ‘til death do us part is simple, why can’t in life we celebrate be that easy?

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