Time For Scrapbooking During the Holidays

With the passing of Halloween, and taking a look down the aisles of just about any store in America, it is almost certain that we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Perhaps by now you have already bought a few presents, or planned your holiday meals. With the business of the holiday season, how do you possibly find time to scrapbook?

Make the Time. I know you have heard that before. It is the best advice I can give. Try to set aside a half hour or an hour here and there to either organize supplies, create page kits, gather photographs and embellishments or simply to sit down and actually work on a layout.

Leave It As Is. If there is any way that you can leave your layout and walk away from it, so it is there and ready for when you come back – this is helpful. If this seems impossible, sometimes purchasing a large piece of foam core or some other sturdy cardboard to assemble your page on, and then take the entire thing and place it somewhere safe, makes it easier to get back out when you have a few minutes here and there to scrapbook.

Grab The Camera. Remember that there is no time table in which to complete layouts and albums. So if you find it near impossible to get any scrapbooking done during the holidays, grab your camera instead. Perhaps focus energy on getting photograph that you can later scrapbook when the time has found itself again.

Use Pre Made Stuff. Don’t feel the need to create an entire layout from scratch. Use sketches, embellishment packets, coordinating papers or borrow (scrap-lift) ideas from other people. It will make scrapbooking much faster.

I hope you do find some time this busy holiday season to indulge in your favorite hobby, but if you don’t – remember that the holiday season will soon be over and you can resume your regularly scheduled scrapbooking time.

Happy holidays!