Time Saving Scrapbooking Tips for the Busy Holiday Season

That magical time of year is quickly approaching and as each day passes, we become busier and busier in our everyday lives. Watching some of the tree’s change already, has brought me to the conclusion that if we blink, we might just miss it. So how do you handle the stress of the holiday season and still enjoy scrapbooking? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Take Your Camera Everywhere – Now is a great time to get the batteries changed on your camera, if you use film – stock up – if you use digital, clean off your cards and put the pictures on your computer (and be sure to back them up.) Keeping your camera handy and ready to go will ensure that you won’t miss any shots this holiday season. Keep it in your purse or in your car to make accessing it when needed as easy as can be.

Make Gifts Ahead – It’s time to get started on creating those gifts for the special people in your life. Truth be told, I hope you already have the ideas planned out. It makes it much easier to start this far ahead to make sure that everything is as you want it as the holiday approaches. If you are making Christmas cards this year, it is probably a good idea to get started on those now too. If you feel up to it when you are finished, go ahead and sign them now. You will be steps closer in a month or two when you are getting ready to mail them out.

Wait to Create – If you can put off your own personal scrapbooking layouts until you either have time or until the busy season has passed, let it go. This makes things less stressful and you won’t be so frantic to get everything done. Your children will hardly notice that a few layouts didn’t get added to the yearly album before Christmas. Instead, take a break from your personal scrapbooking and enjoy the holiday instead.