Timeline Journaling

Journaling on a time line is a great way to get the words out when there isn’t a lot to say about pictures. Timeline journaling can tell a story through an almost step by step process, indicating perhaps what is going on in the pictures, or how the event occurred.

In my example, “Baking with Ryan”, I had my son’s recipe for making cookies. It doesn’t exactly have to do with the ingredients and how they all fit together, and has more to do with our first major baking experience together. It was a fun way to tell the story.

Another great way to get your words down would be to use a clock or date timeline. If you are doing a “day in the life” type of page, of course you are going to include the time on your page. For example:

6:25am: Alarm clock went off. Hit the snooze button.

6:30am: Alarm clock goes off again, this time I shut it off and get up.

7:00am: Emerge fully dressed, wake up kids, start making breakfast, lunches made.

8:00am: After Breakfast head out the door.

8:56am: After dropping children off at school, dropping off dry cleaning and picking up coffee at Starbucks, arrive at work with only a moment to spare.

It’s a fun way to journal your day. You can also do timelines by using dates instead. Perhaps you are doing a “first year” page for your child. Eitehr using the days of the year or the weeks or months old the child is, you can use that way to journal. For example:

2 days old: leaves the hospital

1 week old: first bath

2 weeks old: first outing to the pediatrician

5 weeks old: smiles for the first time

6 weeks old: begins to roll from side to side.

3 months old: finally rolls over.

I realize my ages are off a bit there, but you get the point. Timeline journaling is so much fun to use on your scrapbook pages.

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