Tips for a Great Field Day!

Along with the end of the school year, usually comes a field day. A field day is a special day when the students in each class participate in organized activities. Most of the activities are usually sports related.

Field days can be very fun for students and very hectic for teachers. If this is your child’s first field day, you may not be as prepared as you would like to be. Therefore I have complied a list of things that you may want to consider or discuss with your child’s teacher before the day.

· Make sure that your child wears socks and tennis shoes. I know that this may seem silly. However, you would be surprise how many field trips we have taken to the park or how many physical education days we have had when students wear Crocs or sandals. These types of shoes are hard to run in and often slip off. This can cause your child to fall or scrape his feet.

· Send bug spray and sunscreen to school with your child. Weather permitting; most field day activities are outside. Most field days last throughout the entire day. Therefore, your child may be spending a lot of time outside. Bug bites and sunburn should be a concern.

· Send a water bottle and snacks for your child. Many schools will allow students to have a water bottle and/or snacks during field day. Because of the heat and the exertion, remind your child to drink plenty of water.

· Send an extra change of clothes. Some field days include water activities. Check with your school. If your child’s school includes water activities in its field day, sending a change of clothes may be a good idea.

· Send a towel/blanket to school with your child. On our field day we have a sack lunch outside. Because there are not many places to sit, we usually sit on the grass. Students can bring a towel to sit on. The towels are also good for students when they need a rest.

· Last but not least, volunteer to help. Experiencing field day with your child can be very fun!

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