Tips for a Successful Land Purchase

Building a new home on land is something people from around the country dream of. If you are thinking about building on land, we believe these tips will save you some effort and perhaps money. The first thing after determining how much you can afford and then talking with various lenders about construction loans is to start your search, the fun part.

When searching for the perfect property, you have a number of good options. For starters, you might take a nice drive in the country, looking for signs in yards or on properties, which is common. Then, use the power of the internet. For this, you could use any search engine such as In the search field, you would simply type in something like “acreage for sale Kansas City, Missouri”. In return for your search, you would find a number of excellent resources. Additionally, if you find tracts of land that interest you, check with the county’s tax office to determine the owner’s name to see if he or she would be interested in selling. Many times, elderly people will own land and have no idea what to do with it so you can check. Finally, work with a qualified real estate agent.

After looking around for the right piece of land, you should work with your builder, asking him/her to look at the land with you. From there, he can make some recommendations for the building of the home based on your personal preference. Other considerations include checking to make sure all required utilities are available and check easements, which is the right to use another person’s land. For instance, while you might own the land, someone may have an easement, which means he or she is allowed on all or part of the land.

Finally, make sure you know the exact boundaries of the property. Depending on where the land is located, you might look for iron pins in the ground at the four corners. However, for land in wooded areas, usually there are surveyor pathways marked with the property line, which consist of red or yellow paint, making them visible for quite some time. Finally, trees, bushes, and other scrub located along the property line might be marked with tags of brightly colored pieces of plastic.

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