Tips for New Students

Every now and then I like to offer a teacher tip for new teachers or just an idea for veteran teachers. Many of you teachers out there probably already do this. However, I am not the most organized when it comes to paper work and filing.

In some of the past articles, I had discussed how it can be difficult on teachers to receive a new student. Not because they do not want the child or that the child is bad. It can be difficult because the routines must be taught again and new materials must be created.

Yesterday I was made aware that I was receiving a new student. I quickly began rearranging my room and getting things ready. I soon realized that I had much to do.

In the primary grades, we have a lot of labels and name tags and cute little odds and ends for each student. We have special notebooks and papers and supplies.

One problem that I ran into yesterday was that I did not have the same labels that I had used at the beginning of the year. I actually probably did have some somewhere, but it had been over five months since I put them up and I had no clue where to find them.

After the hustle and bustle that it took to get ready for this new student, I will do things differently next year. In the future I will create a couple of “extras” at the beginning of the year. I will have extra welcome packets, extra notebooks, and extra labels ready. I will also create folders that are labeled “new student”. In each of these folders I will place all of the needed materials. This way when a new student does arrive, I will just have to pull out one of my trusty folders!

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