Tips For Preventing A Home Invasion.

Window In the last Insurance Blog I wrote about the difference between a burglary and a Home Invasion which happens when criminals force their way into a home while one or more family members may be home in order to rob or commit some other crime.

Cubb Group has this list of ideas on How to help prevent a home invasion on their website.

  • Fortify your home with solid core doors, strong locks and security devices on windows.
  • To strengthen locks, secure heavy-duty strike plates with at least four three-inch screws.
  • Keep all doors and windows in the home and garage locked at all times.
  • Install a peephole and use it before opening your door. Make sure your porch light is in a position to help you see persons at your front door clearly.
  • Never open your door to strangers or solicitors and never rely on a chain-latch. If a solicitor acts suspicious, call the police.
  • Keep window shades closed at night. Windows can give a criminal a lot of information about your home’s vulnerability. If a home invader can’t see into your home, he may not feel confident about storming in.
  • Never make it obvious that you’re home alone. The fewer the occupants, the easier a home invader’s job becomes. A single occupant may be the opportunity a home invader is looking for. Keep extra lights on. Use a television or radio to create the illusion that more people are in the house.
  • Hold a meeting with your family to discuss home security practices. Too often, the weakest part of a home security system is the habits of occupants. If your family is educated about the risks and certain home security practices are followed, this will greatly reduce the risk of a home invasion.

This is a great list of ideas some of us may feel or believe might be overkill. The important thing is to understand that the rampant drug use and meth epidemic has resulted in a higher number of these kinds of home invasion situations. These people are after cold hard cash and ruthless in many cases.

Get to know the people in your neighborhood and the service people who visit the neighborhood on a regular basis. If you live in a neighborhood with a citizens program like Neighborhood Watch try to become involved and help start a program if your neighborhood doesn’t have one yet.

It’s important to watch yourself in public and pay attention to the people you see and interact with. If you feel you are being followed drive to the police station and make a report. Avoid situations that bring attention to your valuables or make you appear to be an easy target. Most important of all is to pay attention to your environment and be aware of the ways to protect yourself in the event your home is invaded.

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