Tips For Reusing Digital Elements

There is a definite perk to creating scrapbook layouts digitally. Among the cost of the items being much less, the ability to reuse items is an added bonus which I feel adds to the whole frugal scrapbooking thing.

However, I was surprised to learn that many digital scrapbookers do not know how to reuse their elements and feel as if they will be creating the same layout over and over if they use the embellishments again. This causes them to purchase more and more kits of similar items that are slightly changed in appearance. This is not even close to the truth, you can reuse every single digital element you purchase or download for free.

Make It Your Own: You can add memorabilia, photos and other items to different elements and create a different look each time. If you have a flower, try scanning a letter or something else and use it as a layer on the flower turning the flower into the item. It’s fun to customize your elements to work with your pages.

Change The Color: Most scrapbooking elements you purchase, whether they come in a kit or you download them individually, have the ability to have the colors changed. This allows you maximum creativity when creating your layouts. Match the colors to your current theme.

Resize The Design: You can enlarge and shrink the different elements so they can be used in different ways. Perhaps a flower might be enlarged to be a large accent on a layout, while later you might shrink it very small to simply adorn a larger tag or journaling block on your layout.

Filters add Freedom: More than likely your image editing software has a few filters to play around with. Try them out on different elements and see the special effects you can create. You can turn a white flower into something spectacular playing around with all those fun filters.

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