Tips for Single Parents to Build a Good Parent/Child Relationship (2)

Continuing yesterday’s article on helping single parents form the best parent/child relationship they can, I offer a few more tips.

Remember the Moments

Always remember holidays and birthdays. Even if your child is away from you on that holiday and you celebrated early, or are celebrating late – call them, send them an e-card, anything to let them know you are thinking of them on that exact day and that you miss them.

Be Supportive
Be sure that you always have support around you. This helps you to always be supportive of your children. You have to take care of your physical and emotional needs so you can be there for your child. Even if it’s just a night out with the girls or guys, be sure you take time for you once in awhile. It helps you to stay fresh and deal with life’s little catastrophe’s a little better.

Be Predictable
Always follow through on your promises and any commitments that you make. They need to know that they can count on you and know you will be there for them. One slip up can make a world of difference to a child.

Read a Book
Spend time reading to or with your child. It can be before bed, or first thing in the morning while snuggling on the couch. Or perhaps a special time during the day where you just cuddle and read a story. Children need the closeness and you are fostering a love of reading at the same time. It’s also helpful to include stories that might deal with situations that are occurring in your life. Perhaps you could find books on divorce, or visiting a relative, or a new baby or blending a family, etc.

Spend Quality Time
Be sure and spend quality time with each child individually with no other distractions or adults or children involved. This is important. It creates a unique and special bond. Do things that they child enjoys, perhaps following their specific interests and desires. One on one time is the most amazing growing experience for an adult and child relationship.

There are definitely lots of other ways to secure a good relationship with your children, and these are just a couple of them. The desire to form a good relationship is the key to successfully following any of these. Communication is always key, whether it be with the child or the other parent. Makes your wishes and desires known to both, and your relationships should soar to a new level.