Tips for Surviving a Summer Trip With a Preschooler

Whether you are flying, driving or cruising to your family’s summer vacation destination, if a preschooler is part of the mix, then you might consider taking note of the following helpful travel tips:

Better Safe Than Sorry: In addition to making a mental note of what your child is wearing, you should also carry a recent photo of him or her with you on the trip. This is especially important if you are traveling far from home. For example, if you live in Seattle and are vacationing in Orlando it will be hard to “just run back home” to retrieve a current picture for authorities.

Packing Pointers: Place all essential items for your child, such as medication, water, snacks and first-aid supplies, in carry-on luggage.

Foreign Travel: If you plan to leave the country, make sure that your child’s passport is current. Also, keep in mind that it is mandatory that all travelers have a passport to travel to Mexico and the Caribbean. Another tip: If you are not the child’s sole legal guardian, have the other parent sign a notarized letter consenting to emergency medical treatment.

Car Rental: If you plan to rent a car, consider bringing your own child safety seat. Chances are it is in better shape, of better quality and more comfortable than the ones available from the rental car companies. Also, place your child’s carseat in a shady area of the vehicle. You might consider bringing along your own sunshades if you are renting a vehicle. Any parent knows if the sun is shining directly on a child, or if he or she is too hot or cold, the trip could easily make a turn for the worse.

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