Tips for Taking Field Trips with Your Child

As a kindergarten teacher, I often have an overwhelming number of parents (moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, etc.) attending my class trips. I, for one, am delighted! After teaching eighth grade and having virtually no parent participation, the change is refreshing. However after observing many parents throughout my kindergarten years, I have decided to offer some suggestions on how to make field trips more enjoyable for everyone involved. I think most parents are very open to the suggestions and just have not thought of them before!

First, obtain all details for the trip at least one day in advance. Make sure that you ask the essential questions. May parents attend the trip? What time will we leave? Will I drive or ride the bus? How much money is needed? May siblings attend? Do I need a sack lunch? Being prepared will put you more at ease during the trip.

While on the trip, make sure that your child is still part of the group. Try not to allow your child to have special privileges. The other students already consider him to be special just by having you there. Do not bring snacks or drinks for your child to have other than during the designated time. Do not allow your child to do activities that the other children are not allowed to do. Never leave the group with your child unless you have talked with the teacher. Remember even though you are there, the teacher is still responsible for your child during school hours.

Make sure that you offer to help out in situations even if they do not directly involve your child. You are there to spend time with your child but you are also there to help the teacher. Open packets for other students at lunch. Push another child in the swing. Offer to take a group to the restroom.

Above all make sure that you put the children first. After all, it is their trip. Make sure that all of the students have their lunch before you eat. Allow the students to have the seats first and you take what is left over. Make sure that the students are up close and see the sights even if you can’t. Sounds simple, huh? I’ve seen it. Parents who push to get in front of the children, parents who sit down and leave the students standing, and parents who gobble up lunch while the children patiently wait.

I hope you have found some of these suggestions helpful. Happy field tripping!!

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