Tips for Taking Tests

One of the most dreaded tasks that a student may ever do in school is take a test. Taking a test can be make some students very nervous and anxious. Some students completely freeze up when they are given a test to complete.

Some students even take courses on how to perform better on tests. While every person is different when it comes to test taking, there are some things that students can do to help reduce test anxiety and help increase test scores.

When you first enter a college course, you often will be given a syllabus. Within it you will likely find a course schedule. Most professors schedule their tests for the entire semester. They also list the date for the final exam. Look over the test dates and begin planning your schedule and activities around them.

There are a few things that have been known to help reduce or control test anxiety. Those are exercise, deep breathing, positive thinking, and being over prepared. If you are worried about a test, get up and move. Go out for a jog and try to release some tension and stress. Before and during the test, increase the oxygen level in your body through deep breathing. Clear your mind of negativity by thinking positive about the test. Visualize you looking at your test paper and knowing all of the answers. Think about how it will feel to get an A on your test. Prepare yourself for the test until you feel overconfident. Continue to study until you feel that there are no questions that you will not have an answer to on the test.

Taking tests can be very stressful and frustrating for many students. It can be even more frustrating for students to see others who do not have test anxiety and are natural test takers.

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