Tips for Talking to the Principal

There may come a time in your child’s education that you are not pleased with way the a teacher or another school staff member handled a particular situation. It is very possible that a teacher or faculty member may have a different point of view than you had on a certain situation.

In many cases these situations can be easily resolved through a brief discussion with the person you are unhappy with. However, every now and then a situation occurs that you may feel needs more attention. In these cases it is perfectly acceptable to go to a higher authority.

Principals receive many different complaints throughout a school year and in some cases even in a day. Some are dismissed and some are given much consideration. The effectiveness that the complaint has lies much within how it was presented.

When you take your case to him or her you want it to have an impact. The best way to have a good impact on the principal is to have an appropriate and acceptable presentation. There are several things that you can do to make your presentation successful.

First never rush into the principal’s office angry right after the incident occurred. There are two reasons for this. First you have not had time to gather your thoughts or the facts. Once you have made a bad impression, it is very hard to revive yourself. Next you want the principal’s attention. If you go in unexpected, the principal may be in the middle of another issue and not be focused on what you are saying. Calling ahead and scheduling an appointment is a better way to gain the full attention of the principal. He or she will also have a better attitude toward your meeting and concerns due to your professional actions of planning a meeting.

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