Tips for Teachers on Dealing with Students

Teaching and parenting go hand in hand. Teacher skills are very inclusive of parenting skills. Therefore in many cases, teachers must think like parents. There are some key ideas that both teachers and parents can use when concerning children. Check out some of them below and see if you agree or disagree.

Children do have a reason for what they do. At some point in time it may see to teachers that students act up simply to make the teacher’s life miserable (especially if you teacher middle school). However this is typically not the case. Even though you may not see it or understand it, there is a reason why a child is acting out. Children usually act out due to anger, fear, or not knowing better. Either they are mad at someone, scared of something, or misinformed about how something works. You can solve much of your problems by uncovering which reason the child is acting out.

Do not identify the child as the behavior. Although it can be very easy to relate a child to a particular behavior, do you best to keep the two separated. Many children feel that when you get on to them that you no longer care about them or love them. Make sure that the child understands that it is the behavior that you are unhappy about. Do not get confused in being unhappy about the child instead.

Remember it is not a game to win or lose. Some teachers and parents get wrapped up in a winning or losing battle. You are not out to win with the child. You simply want to teach the child was is right. It is not about winning. Try to avoid getting into a tug of war battle with words or actions with the child.

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