Tips For Teaching at a School That Your Child Attends

In one of my last articles I discussed some of the hardships that can be faced when you have a child that attends the same school in which you teach. While the first few days can be a difficult transition for your child, there are some things that you can discuss with your child before the beginning of school that might make things easier on both of you. These tips are more geared to the first year that you and your young child attend and work at the same school.

· Discuss with your child the importance of remaining part of the class. Remind your child that he or she can hug your or wave in the hallways but must not leave the line or the group without the teacher’s permission.

· Send everything that your child needs with your child each day as though you do not work there. You do not need your child to have to call you or come to your room during the day for snacks or money or forms signed. Pack your child’s backpack and send money in envelopes just as if you are not there and accessible for the child. You do not want your child to get dependent on coming to you.

· Remind your child that the adults in the building can serve his or her needs without contacting you. If your child gets a scratch he or she can go to the nurse and does not need your attention unless it is a serious injury. Also remind your child that the punishment of the other children also applies to him or her. Make sure that your child’s teacher also knows that you want your child treated as the other children are treated. Most teachers do not have a problem with this but some are uncomfortable punishing coworkers’ children.

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