Tips for Teaching Ergonomics

In my last article, I discussed the fear that children who work long hours on a computer may develop trouble with calcification of their bones. I also talked about how a few schools are now addressing ergonomics in attempt to teach children the correct posture when operating a computer.

However, many schools have not bought into the ergonomics program. If your child is not learning correct posture and computer health at his or her school, you can begin teaching it at home.

Follow some the tips below. These are not only for children. I know I can benefit from some of them myself!

The most important lesson that your can teach your child about using computer health is to take a break at least every thirty minutes. During the break, children should get up, stretch their bodies and move around before returning to the machine.

Buy the proper equipment. This does not mean your computer. We take great time to choose the right machine. But how much thought do we put into our chair? A proper chair can make a world of difference. While we must update and upgrade our computers, a good chair can last for years.

Consider height. Often adults and children of different ages all use the same computer. Make sure that each person has his or her own special height adjustment for the chair or table.

Sitting square is also important. Many children want to twist up in a chair. Teach your child to sit squarely facing the machine.

Use proper lighting. Keep the lights on when working in the computer.

Sit an arm length away from the machine. Teach your children to sit about twelve inches from the screen.

The keyboard and the mouse should be on the same level. When using these, the arm’s angle should be 90 degrees.

Remind your child to look away from the screen periodically (about every 15 minutes). They should look in different directions to allow their eyes muscles to relax.

Make sure that your child’s feet can touch the floor or rest on some object. You may need a footstool or box. A stack of books will also work.

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