Tips on How to Talk with Your College Professor

College life can be tough. In addition to learning responsibility, you are also under a lot of academic stress. Depending on the field that you major in, you may have many long hours of studying. Unfortunately, not all professors do their job of teaching you. Therefore, you cannot always expect the help that you need from your professor.

While some professors are lacking, there are many good ones out there. With some college professors, it is all in how you present yourself. We have all seen the movies where college professors seem to pick on one student or another. Handling yourself the right way can prevent you from being one of those students.

Try using some of the tips below the next time that you talk with your college professors.

First and foremost always get the right name and the right title. Getting your doctorate takes a lot of time and money. When someone earns it they want it recognized. If your professor has his/her doctorate, always use the title ‘Dr.’. Keep it professional. Your professor should be treated with the utmost respect.

Realize that you will have to work hard in college. If you are late with an assignment or need extra credit, do not try to talk your professor into giving you anything. Do not ask for or except a break. Your professor will frown upon your laziness and likely form a negative opinion of you. Always begin with a high offer of work and let the professor reduce it.

Do not whine. Professors have heard it all. They know all of the excuses. They can tell when you are immature and cannot handle the responsibility of living on your own. Be honest and do not make excuses. They are not there to baby you or cut you slack as a high school teacher might have done.

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