Tips to Get Started on Creating a Teacher Album

While some might object, if you plan to create a teacher album for your child’s teacher either for Christmas or even the end of the school year, now is a great time to get started. Why? I’ll show you.

In order to create a great album, there needs to be lots of photos and journaling. If you want to get the children involved in the class, you will need plenty of time to contact parents, work with the children, get photographs developed and doubled as well as obtain copies of school pictures in applicable and then assemble the pages.

You should be taking photographs every single month to ensure that there is a consistency through the whole year. Keeping yourself up to date can mean less hassle at the end when you are trying to finish it all up. Perhaps you might offer to be the classroom photographer, which will allow you access to events you might not otherwise get to be a part of.

Begin collecting ideas, color palettes, papers you wish to use, and any poems or quotes you plan to put on the layouts now.

Another awesome tip, that a few parents did when I was teaching, was to leave a couple of disposable camera’s in my classroom, and they replenished them often enough that we got tons and tons of photographs during the year. Many schools now have digital cameras in the classrooms or at least available, so you might be able to just ask the teacher to email you all the pictures she takes. Or you could provide her with a CD so she could burn them to CD for you.

Send a note home with other parents in the class, to see if they take photographs at any of the events. They might have captured something you did not. You want to include lots of interactive shots with the teacher and her students.

Much more coming in the next few days to help you organize and get this project started.

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