Tips to Organizing Your Scrapbooking

Getting organized is often a challenge for scrapbookers. Here are a few ways to help yourself get and stay organized.

Schedule Time – Both for creating your layouts, organizing your supplies and putting together page kits, or organizing items that go together on a layout. You need to do this often. Some people choose once a week, but once a month can be just as effective.

Keep Supplies Handy – Keep often-used supplies in a plastic container. I prefer a clear plastic storage container with a handle. Usually these can be found at any discount chain. Store them nearby where you scrap. Inside should be your scissors, adhesive, your normal journaling pen and any other items you use almost always when you scrapbook. This is an easy way to take your items from room to room or to a crop.

Establish a Permanent Work Space – Create a spot in your home. Either somewhere you can set up a folding card table, or your very own scrapbook room. Either way, it needs to be something that is manageable for you. Having a set space in which to create your layouts, will make you more likely to do so.

Think Ahead – Many scrapbookers enjoy putting together Page Kits. I do this regularly. That way, when I find a few minutes to scrapbook, I have everything for that layout handy. I use a page protector, slide in the cardstock and/or patterned paper, and then I place in the embellishments – any ribbon, fibers, metals, eyelets, brads, etc. If I already have photos to accompany that layout, I place those in there too. (Come on scrapbookers – we all know we buy stuff even when we don’t have the photos yet!)

Use Clear Storage – I know all those colored bins and baskets are really cute. And they can look very organized and pretty. But they aren’t very practical and it’s so much easier using clear plastic storage. You can see what’s in them at a glance. You can also label the outside and peel it off if you ever need to.

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