Tips to Remember When Spending on Scrapbook Supplies

With tax season over today, and everyone shuffling to get those last minute returns filed, I thought I would remind you of some good ways to spend your money on scrapbooking supplies. I don’t know too many scrapbooker’s who don’t purchase something for themselves with the tax money they get back. Here are a few tips to spending wisely.

The Dollar Per Use Rule – Before you spend any money at all on a scrapbooking tool or supply, be sure that it is something you really think you will use. Keep in mind that there is a dollar to use rule that many scrapbooker’s abide to. When purchasing the item, be sure it is something that you will use at least that many times to dollars spent. For instance, if you save up and purchase a $300.00 scrapbooking item, is it something you will use at least 300 times? I know that sounds crazy, but you want to be sure it is something you will get your use out of. There are so many scrapbooker’s who kick themselves after a big purchase, realizing it doesn’t do what they wanted it to do, or it doesn’t get used and just collects dust.

The Try Out Rules – Another rule to spending wisely on your supplies, is to try out anything new before you buy it. If you are looking into a die cut machine, see if your local scrapbook store has one first that you can play around with. Be sure the tool or item is something you can use easily, that won’t take a lot of learning to be able to use. Play around at the scrapbook store for a bit before purchasing any major item.

The Coupon Rule – What’s the rule with coupons? Use them! There are dozens of coupons during the year for a lot of different places that will allow you to get big ticket items for 50% off. Getting that $300 item for only $150 is quite a bargain and if you watch closely or check with some other scrapbooking friends, I am sure you will find one.

The Shop Around Rule – Shop around for the best prices. Just because you got a large amount of money back on your return or you find yourself with a lot of money to spend, don’t just purchase an item at the first place you see it. Look around at several places and then shop around online. Compare the final costs including tax and shipping and then purchase it from the lowest cost place. Remember, saving money on items allows you to save it to spend on another item you might also want.

While I am sure these tips seem like standard tips that anyone should know, I have seen far too many of my customers and students take advantage of their income tax money to get a few big ticket items, only to wind up never using them or finding them somewhere else for much cheaper.

And if you do spend some money on a new item, be sure to let me know and tell me what you think of it!

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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