Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage

So what things have we done in our marriage that you might incorporate in yours if you aren’t already doing them? Let me share some tips you might find helpful. This first one I would say is perhaps most important of all.

Make Time Together a Priority

In busy lives with work and family, this one gets too easily pushed aside unless we’re careful. Make time together a priority, whether it’s sitting chatting, sharing a favorite movie, playing a game, or watching your favorite sport as we did on Saturday night, after spending time with our whole family earlier in the day. It might be a special lunch or dinner just for the two of you while someone else cares for the kids for a little bit. It might be just going for a walk along the beach or near the river. What you do doesn’t matter so much as being with your loved one.

Watch Your Focus

This next one is often closely related to the first one. Don’t be so focused on making money and getting ahead at work that your neglect your spouse. I’m sure anyone who loves you, would rather have less money and more together time. In a recent forum someone asked how important money was in a relationship. Most people who responded agreed it was not that big a consideration.

Sure you need enough for everyday expenses, but to make it a top priority you lose focus in other areas. I’d rather struggle financially and still have time to spend together than have plenty of money but never see my husband.

Declare Your Love

Declare you love for your spouse on a regular basis, which means at least once a day, and not just when you’re making love. Show your spouse you love them by the little things you do for them. Surprise them from time to time with little treats. It might be something as simple as a favorite ice-cream or flower or love note just to let them know you are thinking of them when you’re not together or even if your are.

Join me tomorrow for more ideas to help strengthen your marriage.

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