Tips to Taking Better Pictures

You can create the most beautiful scrapbook page with all the embellishments, cute quotes, and fun textures, but if your pictures are poor your page will only disappoint you. Photographs are the heart of every scrapbook page. It is the photographs we cherish not the embellishments. The love and time that goes into a scrapbooking page is the manifestation of our love for our pictures or the subjects in the pictures. It is no wonder that so many scrapbookers also share a hobby in photography.

If you are new to photography or just have been dissatisfied with your pictures as of late here are some basic tips to get better pictures.

Do not rely on your photography software to save the day. Many pictures can certainly be saved by some creative work with your photography software. However, you want to get the best picture before using such software. Do not take a picture from a great distance only to try and zoom in or crop later on the computer. Do not forget to use your flash and just assume you will brighten it up later. Use your best efforts to create a great picture before touching it up.

Move it, don’t zoom it! When you want a close shot, move in for the take whenever possible. Get close so your picture contains mostly your subject. Blowing up a picture later on does not work out well and leads to distorted pictures.

Yes, your house is beautiful but less is more. Simple backgrounds are key to taking good shots. Backgrounds have a way of stealing the show if you are not careful. This is not to say you cannot take a picture of your subject in front of the Eiffel Tower. In that shot, the Eiffel Tower is an important element in the picture. However, your messy desk, mantel with your collection of snow globes, busy wallpaper, or room full of toys and disarray are not elements you want to highlight in a picture of your child. Try taking a picture in front of plain wall or a door instead of a busy background.

Lights and shadows can make or break a picture. When you take a picture be sure you know what direction the sun is coming from and where the shadows are lurking. You don’t want a picture of your child with a large dark shadow over her face or sun so bright she squints. Don’t be afraid to use your flash outside!

Angling for a good shot! You do not always have to gather up your subjects and place them dead center in a picture and tell them to say cheese. It’s okay to take pictures from an angle or off center a bit. Arrange your subjects in a variety of positions to keep your photo more interesting. Get creative!

Who’s on first? Decide who or what your subject is and focus on that. Try to grab a feeling or a mood of your subject for the most interesting and real picture. Even though a background may be pretty or the ocean looks so blue, if your focus is your pet turtle, don’t try to do too much. You may end up with a picture with no direction.

Get on their level. If you are taking pictures of kids or pets you may want to get out some knee pads because you will want to get down on the ground. You may even have to get lower than that to get the right shot. While you may take an interesting picture angling your camera downward, normally you will just come out with a picture that appears distorted.

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