Theme Albums – Cousins’ Book – Part 6: Bryce’s Pages

I love to see how unique each of these pages turned out even though we used a lot of the same products, especially our foundation pieces like the Making Memories Kids series of patterned paper. Bryce’s pages show in yet another way how fun a project like this has been. His mom really wanted to capture this very creative, fun-loving, adventurous little boy’s spirit and soul.

She had a difficult time selecting a photo of him because in each photo she saw him as a grown adult instead of the 5 year old boy he is. I was able to capture the spirit of who he is becoming so well that it left us all in awe at how quickly he is growing into his magnificent spirit.

She also struggled a bit with what to do for the base of his layout. Out of all the children, he would be the least likely to care what his layout looked like, nevertheless she still wanted something worthy of this special project. She used solid blue from the Making Memories Ethan variety pack for the base. She cut two 2×6” strips of striped green and blue paper, which she adhered to the top of both blue pages. Then she cut two 1×6” strips of solid green which she adhered one on each page about ½” from each outside edge.

She attached his 4×6” photo using Hermafix to the right page, which completed that page. To finish the left page, she used the Quickutz handle and an out-of-print font. She mixed the upper and lower case letters to give a fun, bouncing feeling which is very congruent with Bryce’s personality. She used the Xyron machine to make the letters like stickers and then placed them by hand.

Bryce’s journaling was the most enjoyable to write because the word he loves to say is “geeble-gooble-nabber-gabber”. It makes me laugh every time I attempt to say it and uniquely says “Bryce” when I see it. It is amazing to capture a moment in time through pictures and words, knowing that it will be preserved and provoke many more memories later. This truly is the power of scrapbooking.