Title Placement

Finding new ways to scrapbook, is always interesting. I like to keep things changing constantly, and find new ways to make old fun. After awhile, scrapbook layouts might seem dull and boring, but you can spruce them up and make them new and fun again!

Title placement is an important aspect on your scrapbook layouts. Besides the photographs you choose, it is one of the first things that someone flipping through your albums see. When I am faced with making changes to my layouts, and finding something new, I often focus on the title. Have you ever tried changing the position of your title?

If you are like the majority of scrapbookers, your title is typically placed at the top of the page, and if you are scrapbooking a two page layout, it is typically at the top of the left hand page. That’s pretty normal. But you can have a little fun and change it up a bit, and feel creative in the process!

  • Instead of placing the title across the top of a page, try turning it vertical. The vertical title works much the way that borders work, and changes the overall look of the page.
  • Try stretching your title across both pages of a two page layout. It looks great, and keeps the pages uniform.
  • Don’t put the title at the top, try placing it at the bottom of the page, with all the photographs on top.
  • If you are using a journaling block, place the title at the top of the journaling inside the block, rather than across the pages.
  • Cut the words of your title out individually, and place them around your page.
  • Mat your title with one, two or three mats, in coordinating colors.
  • Try separating the page with your title by placing it right in the middle.
  • Use a quote as your title.

If you are looking for some new methods of title placement, look through idea books, magazines, newspapers and ads, to see how they do it.

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