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When you’re crafting layouts for every theme under the sun, it may be tough to come up with new titles time and time again. While some scrapbookers shy away from page titles, I enjoy coming up with unique word combinations that grab people’s attention.

However, dreaming up a whimsical play on words is only half the fun of adding titles to scrapbook layouts. With titles you can flex your creative muscle when it comes to materials, placement and technique.

As a beginner scrapper I would stick to the basics when creating page titles. Stickers, stamps and scrapbook chalk were about all I used to make a clear statement about the subject of my page. However, as time progressed and I ventured to scrapbook workshops, seminars and watched online tips, I learned that page titles can be made from a host of different materials.

One of my new favorites is ribbon. At first, I didn’t think I could bend pretty satin ribbon into the shapes and letters I had seen featured in a scrapbook magazine. Fortunately, a friend taught me a cool trick which included printing out the title and adhering the strips of ribbon onto the letters.

If you don’t feel comfortable handwriting the title, then head to your computer. There is a litany of text effects in Microsoft Word that will help you create titles that circle around your page or you can print the words on vellum and place it over a background of stamped or rub-on letters.

Another idea I’ve used for many, many titles is the photo trick. Simply write the title of your layout in the sand, snow or on a chalkboard, then photograph it and use the image on your layout. Depending on how large you write the letters, you could give the title a ransom note look. All you have to do is write the title in different places, snap the photo, cut-out the letters, and then place them on the page making sure not to place the same style letters right next to each other.

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