To Title or Not to Title

That is the question…

Members of my scrapbooking group got into a heated debate over titles during our last crop. Some of the ladies wouldn’t consider designing a layout without a proper title, while others only include a heading if inspiration strikes and they think it will enhance the look of the page.

Personally, I am a title scrapper. I think there are more pros than cons when it comes to adding titles to a scrapbook page. For starters, titles provide vital information regarding what the layout is all about, such as “Baby’s First Christmas” or “Grandma’s 100th Birthday.” One look at a page title and the reader gets a feel for the context of the page without having to read journaling blocks or pour over memorabilia and photos looking for clues as to why this specific event is scrap worthy.

Titles also add pizzazz to a page. If you looking to add some pop to a page design or you are super creative and want to channel your energy into another aspect of a layout, then titles are the perfect avenue to do so. There’s so much you can do with titles, from picking fun fonts and highlighting certain words with gel pens or scrapbook chalk to using rubber stamps to spell out an entire heading and accenting it with foil, ribbon or flocking powder. Another idea is to print the page title on a transparency, then layer it over a main photo.

One of my favorite title techniques is the “ransom note” effect. I use it so often because it is so easy. All it requires is the use of different styles of epoxy letter stickers to create a whimsical title. You could achieve a similar effect by using different texts in MS Word. Once you print out the words, color over them with acrylic paint or pencils.

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