Are you on a reduced fat diet? Love the taste of ice cream, but can’t tolerate all that cream? Frozen yogurt is a great alternative. TCBY’s yogurt is 96% fat free. They even have no sugar added yogurt for those of us watching our sugar intake. Maybe you just like the taste of frozen yogurt better. I’ve always thought that it has a heartier feel to it than ice cream. It doesn’t melt as quickly either.

If you like frozen yogurt, from 5 – 8 PM today, TCBY will be giving out a free quart of their Premium Pre-Packed Yogurt with any purchase. Yep, free, as in no cost. Flavors include Chocolate Chocolate, No Sugar Added Vanilla Fudge Swirl, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, and Chocolate Chip Mint.
You’ll need to buy something at regular price (no coupons or discounts) in order to get the free quart. And make sure to call your local franchise first. Most of them are participating in the giveaway, but there are always a few sticks in the mud. It doesn’t say whether it’s one per family or one per person. It’s probably the former, though if you’re buying a lot, they may be generous.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy, you might take a look at Chocolate Decadence. It certainly lives up to its name. We got one of these for a recent birthday, and it was so rich that nobody was ready for seconds. In a family where the seven of us go through three half gallons of ice cream at a time, that’s pretty amazing. Chocolate Decadence is a fudge covered cookie crust pie filled with chocolate yogurt that has had chocolate fudge swirled through it. Then it’s topped with a chocolate mousse that’s drizzles with chocolate syrup and shaved chocolate flakes. It’s a chocoholic’s delight!

Find your nearest TCBY store here.

Details on the TCBY homepage.