Today We Diet.

Isn’t it always easy to say those words but a lot harder to actually do it? Dieting is something that most of us, when I say most of us, I mean at least I think about constantly. I am starting a new diet today or tomorrow or next week. I end up using a lot of excuses and have tried all the diets out there. I sometimes pray that there will come a day when there is a pill that one can just pop at night and then wake up thin in the morning. Hey, I can dream can’t I? Well reality is something different. Reality states that in order to lose weight, you have to be burning more calories than you take in. So why not just stop eating all together? Well, for one thing eventually we would starve and I don’t know about you but I would rather be slightly over weight than thin and dead. Another factor is that our bodies are, well like most living creatures, have a will to survive. When it realizes that we are not eating, it will go into survival mode. That means that the metabolism will slow down and not use as much energy. It will also store any unused energy as fat so that it figures, it can use it later. Nobody wants that. So in order to lose weight, one must walk a tightrope per se. It is all about balance. Sounds easy huh? Well there are many factors that can contribute to the failure to achieve this balance. I should know, I think I have every one possible. I have genetics. My family is made up of rather large people, obese really. I have learned to use food as a comfort in times of stress (a stress eater). Did I mention that my life is like a soap opera, talk about stress! Exercise, what’s that? Actually when I do have the time, I have so many issues with my legs that I hardly ever feel like it. I eat spastically, usually waiting until I am starving to eat. This means I cram as much food into my body as humanly possible at one time. And my biggest problem is chocolate. Man, this stuff is more addicting that cocaine. Anyway, so there you have it. I am the anti poster child for the fit and fabulous. What is it that I can contribute? Well, I am changing my ways and you can follow along on my march to freedom, freedom from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and every other disease that is clearly linked to obesity. I tend to chart all the information that I can come across with. I plan to research everything and tell you whether or not it is successful. And when I have met my goal which is 122 lbs, then I hope you can celebrate with me. My job will be to get as many facts out there so that you too can succeed.