Toddler Antics: Do You Have a Little Nudist?

I was on the phone with my sister in law earlier today and had to laugh when she let out a little squeak of a sound. My industrious minded 11 month old nephew shed his diaper through his onesie and had pulled it out to run around and was working diligently at getting the onesie off.

It’s a New Stage in His Life

All toddlers go into this stage eventually. They shed their clothes and diapers and love to run around naked. There is nothing deviant about the behavior, in fact, my daughter fell in love with the idea of stripping naked at about the age of 1 and by the time she was 18 months, she didn’t shed her clothes at the drop of a hat anymore.

I think half the reason that children strip off their clothes is the novelty of it. After all, your baby is still learning and exploring the world. Taking off their clothes is a new step for them whether they have buttons, snaps or zippers.

In other words, they are stripping down because they can. It’s also a very different feeling to be out of the clothes and touching the carpet, the floor and other areas of the furniture.

If they like being naked …

Don’t worry about it too much unless it’s frigid or they are in an area where an accident could create a big mess. One way to compromise may be to put the diaper back on, but leave them out of their clothes. Babies and toddlers run around in the diaper all the time and there’s nothing wrong with it.

In the meanwhile, hang in there – eventually they’ll get to where they love their clothes again or at least, the novelty of being naked will have worn off. But just wait for it, starting around 18 months or so, my daughter would start to dance around chanting ‘naked butt, naked butt’ when it was time for her bath.

At the age of 5, she still do it.

When did your little one discover the joy of going clothes free?

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