Toddler Art Layout

My son’s creativity has inspired me to design a new scrapbook layout using his art work. While I was working on a craft project, I gave my son some pieces of card stock, glitter glue, stickers and markers. I let him make his own creation while I worked across the table to finish my page design.

I was very proud of my son’s creation. A few pieces of card stock glued together with blue glitter glue and decorated with markers. These are great little keepsakes.

I have decided to use them in a two-page toddler art layout. I am using two photographs and two pieces of his artwork on each scrapbook page.

I have chosen four photographs that show my son’s creative side. In the first, he is building a tower out of blocks. In the second, he is holding a crayon and has a coloring book on his lap. The third and forth were of him playing with assorted toys. I wanted to show the different ways in which he creates his own “toddler art.”

Have you showcased your children’s art work in your home? Do you put your child’s drawings on your refrigerator? Have you scanned your child’s artwork in order to preserve it? I think these are all great ways to encourage children to be creative and build their self-esteem.

Since I want to include his art in my layout, I chose my photos and four of my son’s card stock creations. I am going to do one photo and one layout on the top and bottom of each page. I think that is a good layout to display his art and the photos that I chose.

Perhaps I will do another layout at the end of the year to show how his drawings have improved over time. I think it is a fun way to keep some memories of these wonderful toddler years. How are you preserving your children’s art work?

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