Toddler Easter Baskets

With Easter fast approaching, many parents are shopping for Easter candy and toys for their children’s Easter baskets. With toddlers, it is especially important to remember safety first.

Some candy, even which marketed for children, can be a serious choking hazard. Many inexpensive toys that are made for stuffers for baskets are also choking hazards. They often come apart easily and contain small parts.

Many items will be labeled as appropriate for ages three and up. With toddlers, it is up to the parents to find age appropriate candy and toys for their children’s Easter baskets.

Here are some of the items that are considered appropriate for toddlers:

*Coloring book and toddler crayons

*Toddler story books

*Animal crackers

*Plush bunny or duck

*Bubbles (Bubble solution with bubble wand)

*Finger paints

*Lollypops (The kind with the safety ring as the stick)


*Miniature candy bars, if you let your toddler have candy bars


The important thing to remember is that candy-filled toys and cute containers usually hold small, hard candies which toddlers can choke on. Closely examine the container and the candy itself if you purchase this type of item for your toddler’s basket.

Additionally, the basket itself should be toddler friendly. Some straw baskets can break apart and leave small pieces of straw that your toddler could put in their mouth. The straw may also break off with sharp edges that could hurt your child.

The thing about Easter baskets is that there are so many ways in which to create them. There are several types of baskets, if you choose to use a basket. Recently, parents have even started using decorated plastic buckets, backpacks, cloth baskets, tote bags and even trucks and wagons as the container in which to hold Easter goodies.

Once a basket or container is chosen, there are also many options as to what to use as fillers. Candy, toys and books are often used. Regardless of the container or contents, children seem to love the excitement of finding out whatever surprise the “Easter Bunny” left for them.

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