Toddler Mayhem

If you think your toddler is mischievous, then you have never met brothers John and Matthew Farrer. The rambunctious boys are only two and three years old, but their antics have already been well documented—by police.

According to law enforcement officers in Anderson, South Carolina the toddlers’ destructive behavior goes beyond typical child’s play. Police say the brothers got bored being at home with their parents and decided to explore their neighborhood. Apparently, they didn’t have to travel far to find a place to “have fun.” Reports state that the toddlers snuck into a neighbor’s house and ransacked the place while their frantic parents and a slew of volunteers searched for them.

Police say the pajama-wearing tots raided the neighbor’s kitchen, snacking on kid-friendly treats, including Teddy Grahams and marshmallows. The food items they weren’t interested in chowing down on reportedly ended up on the kitchen floor where they were stomped on, squished and stirred with random utensils. When they were done having “fun” in the kitchen the brothers headed into a bedroom and climbed a bunk bed to play with stuffed animals.

The home’s owner, who works third shift, says she was sleeping at the other end of the house during the boys visit. According to police, the shocked neighbor woke up just as searchers saw the boys leaving through a back door. One was reportedly wearing the neighbor’s son’s Clemson University football helmet while the other had chocolate stains all over his face.

The story does have a happy ending—-at least for the boys and their parents. The tots were unharmed during their adventure and were returned to their parents after getting examined by emergency personnel. That’s great, but what of the poor neighbor, who had to deal with a gigantic mess in her kitchen. Reports don’t say whether the boys’ parents offered to help clean up the remnants of their sons’ first random act of mayhem.

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