Tony Little Fitness

If you work out much, you have probably heard about Tony Little Fitness. Tony Little is a former bodybuilding champion who succeeded against all odds to bring physical fitness into mainstream America. He has enhanced the physical appearance, personal stamina and emotional outlook of his trainees over and over again.

Tony Little Fitness has gone on to break nearly HSN sales record for personal training videos and equipment. He has also been able to reach an even larger audience by doing infomercials.

Tony Little Fitness Products

Tony Little produces an amazing array of exercise-related products that have changed the lives of millions of people. Some of the most popular Tony Little Fitness products include: personal trainer videos, personal trainer DVDs, exercise equipment, Fit Trax music CDs, audio books, nutrition and weight loss supplements, apparel, footwear, books, wellness & massage, and food.
The Tony Little Fitness Gazelle glider is Tony’s most popular piece of exercise equipment. There are three models available, each made of sturdy aircraft cables. Each product can hold up to 350 pounds.

The Tony Little Fitness personal training videos are also very popular. The Body Express series helps you to get in shape quickly and have fun at the same time. The video series is a one-on-one session with Tony to assist and motivate you to work out and to also help you learn good form and technique.

The Target Training 2000 series is based upon the highest selling video series of all time. It uses non-impact, resistant exercises that focus on specific body parts.
The Private Sessions video workout series by Tony Little Fitness features hi-tech computer graphics that show you how your muscles are being sculpted during each exercise. Each video includes three separate workouts utilizing new metabolic enhancement exercises that increase metabolism and shape your muscles in minutes per day.

Tony Little Fitness Fat-Free Series takes you through a total upper and lower body workout in a two video series using his proven exercises, interactive clocks and timers, as well as a special section of muscle group function.
Tony Little Background

After a serious car accident in 1983, Tony decided to focus his life’s work on getting America fit. He had seen all of the gimmick diets and celebrity fitness videos out there, and he didn’t like much of what he saw. As a certified personal trainer and a national bodybuilding champion, Tony Little Fitness would become one of America’s success stories.

His exercise programs and exercise equipment were developed to emphasize a motivational non-impact resistance exercise technique that would reshape people’s bodies with minimal joint stress. Tony knew all too well that poor physical condition is the first negative step toward emotional failures. Tony wanted his students to know that they were going to feel and look better quickly by exercising properly.