Tools That Make Scrapbooking Easier

It seems like every time we turn around a new scrapbook tool is released and it is designed to make scrapbooking easier. Tools that make embellishing easier, cutting easier, adhering your pieces easier and much more, seem to come out in large numbers daily. With so many gadgets and tools out on the scrapbooking market, how are you supposed to know which ones work best and which ones don’t hold their weight? Prices are all over the table, so finding out what works for you is important.

Here are a few gadgets that have been tested by scrapbookers for enough time that it has been determined that these definitely are worth the price.

The ATG Gun – This awesome tool is the mother of all tape dispensers. It was originally designed to help with framing, and is used often. Scrapbookers discovered its versatile nature, its long lasting ability to provide hundreds of pages worth of adhesive without continuing to replace the cartridges over and over, and while initially a bit of an expensive investment for adhesive, the ATG gun has been proven to save you a lot of money with extended use.

Circle Punches – These have been around a very long time. They have gone in and out of style on your pages, but they are back and better than ever. Available in plenty of different sizes from tiny to over 2”, you can find circles to match any size you might need. A circle punch is without a doubt a versatile tool that should be in every scrapbookers tool box.

The Big Bite – This orange tool that resembles a giant stapler by We R Memory Keepers, does a whole lot more than punch holes in your paper. Sure, it can punch holes through some of the thickest materials without much effort at all. But beyond that, it is the best way I’ve ever found to set eyelets, snaps and grommets without much effort at all. It can also set these items into the center of a 12×12 page – something most tools designed to set eyelets cannot.