Top 10 Outdoor Fun Activities

Families can have outdoor fun, even in the winter! Here are 10 wonderful winter activities for the whole family:

1. Winter walks offer a time for conversation while walking off those holiday pounds. Make a seasonal nature collection of rocks, roots, and flowers, then at the end of the season, create a family art project with your treasures.

2. Bird Watching (with chart, drawings, scientific names)

3. Snow forts (or leaf forts for warmer areas) are great fun for snowball fights, capture the flag, colored eggs, tag, and any game that requires a home base.

4. Volunteering together at a local food pantry, church,or resale shop can be a great way to reach out to the less fortunate in your community and spend quality family time with those you love most.

5. Scrapbook together. Each family member can have his/her own scrapbook, or you can make gift books for relatives. Pair up to make theme pages for an eclectic scrapbook the whole family has a hand in.

6. Starting a home-based business like selling books online, make a recipe book, walk dogs, starting a babysitting business, pet sitting, or cleaning winter flower beds and plant spring bulbs. Make flyers or business cards and let your friends and neighbors know your plans. Ramping up for a summer of profit can be a great family project.

7. Puzzles and games are always a great source of laughs and togetherness when the weather outside is dismal.

8. Make a home movie of the family cooking a favorite meal or talking about their best times in 2005.

9. Start a book club or movie review club with family and neighbors.

10. Team up, swap rooms, and redecorate – Redecorating is fun, and if you’ve watched home improvement television shows, you know it can be very inexpensive. A fun way to reorganize and redecorate is to swap rooms. Dad and brother decorate sis’s room, and mom and sis decorate brother’s room. Get creative with new ways to organize stuff, cool window treatments, and wild wall colors.