Top 10 Signs You Need More Sleep

Any parent who has had a child will definitely be able to relate to this list of signs that you need more sleep.

#10 You sleep through the alarm. I am not the one who has to get up first and turn off the alarm. So there have been a number of times where my husband has gotten up, showered, dressed, and I haven’t heard a thing.

#9 Towards the end of the day you notice that your socks don’t match. This is the reason that all of my socks are white.

#8 Walking up the stairs, you feel at least 60 pounds heavier. Oh yah, that’s because I’m carrying both my girls and I am 60 pounds heavier.

#7 You get the choice of an ice cream sundae or a nap and you choose the nap. Anyone who would pass up ice cream definitely needs more sleep.

#6 You look in the mirror and find you are wearing only one earring. This has happened to me a few times and I laugh every time.

#5 You fall asleep during your favorite television program. That starts at 8:00pm.

#4 Your husband’s lunch is sitting on the cupboard instead of in his lunchbox. Unfortunately this means that your husband will be buying his lunch.

#3 You fall asleep while reading a story to your child. After my mom had my younger sister (we were 18 months apart) she would read to me while nursing. She often fell asleep mid story and I would have to nudge her awake.

#2 You put the cereal in the fridge. I have done this one and opened the fridge later to find the cereal sitting next to the milk.

#1 Your two-year-old can count the number of hours that you have slept. Since the average two-year-old can only count to three this is not a good thing.

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