Top 100 Creative Date Ideas–Part I

We could all use a few fresh ideas when planning a night out. Whether you are taking someone out for the first time or whether you and your special someone have been together for decades, it’s always fun to do something together that is a little out-of-the-box. Or, maybe you are just looking for a way to do something fun that doesn’t cost much. Here are 25 out of my 100 Cheap and Creative Date Ideas. These ideas should get you started in adding a little more fun into your time together.

1.Go hiking. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner.

2.Pretend you are looking to buy an expensive house and go to open houses. You may want to research for some ahead of time.

3.Explore a local flea market.

4.Get disposable cameras and go sight-seeing in your own town.

5.Ride the bus around the city.

6.Read children’s books to each other at the library.

7.Have a dinner of miniature foods. Eat on small plates.

8.Have a progressive fast food dinner (Breadsticks at Fazoli’s, salad at Wendy’s…)

9.Create thank you cards and mail them to servicemen.

10.Go to the county court house and watch a trial in session.

11.Take a tour of a local factory. Call ahead for an appointment.

12.Go out to breakfast on a weekday before work. To save even more, take breakfast with you for a picnic.

13.Go to a wedding reception of someone you don’t know.

14.Take a nature walk and collect bits of what you see. Make a collage or vase arrangement.

15.Use the Internet to find an interesting museum.

16.Donate blood together.

17.Go to an interesting location like a gazebo, park lake, or parking lot and order a pizza.

18.Buy flowers, take them home and make arrangements together.

19.If you have a downtown area in your city, hang out there for a Saturday. Visit a café for lunch and browse the shops.

20.Fly kites.

21.Be kids again. Play hopscotch, go to a park, order happy meals, etc.

22.Put together an obstacle course or crazy Olympics.

23.Go to a conservatory if there is one in your area.

24.Take a drive–If you live in a big city, drive out of town to a more rural location. Have a picnic or eat at a small café.

25.Watch the stars. You could go on a normal night or plan ahead to see a meteor shower or comet.