Top 100 Creative Date Ideas–Part II

26. Go to a farm where you can pick your own fresh fruit. Take what you picked back home to make it into a pie or other dessert.

27. Write a script for a short movie, play, or musical. Videotape your production and watch your performance together.

28. Go to a performance at your local bookstore. Borders and Barnes and Noble both have small musical groups performing periodically—and it’s free.

29. Attend the local high school’s musical.

30. Chalk attack someone’s house. Use sidewalk chalk to write funny messages and draw silly pictures on the driveway and walkways.

31. Browse art galleries. The galleries that sell their art are usually free.

32. Take a visit to your state’s capitol. Take a guided tour, or just walk around and read monuments.

33. Take a hike.

34. Go for a bike ride.

35. Go to a public place. Take turns painting pictures of each other, while the other person poses as the subject.

36. Take a video camera with you and interview people off the streets. You could make it funny by asking questions that everyone should know the answer to like: “Who is the vice president of the United States?” You might be surprised at the answers you get!

37. Play a sport together (tennis, soccer, basketball, etc).

38. Volunteer together at a homeless shelter or food bank. Look for listings in the phone book and call to ask if they need help.

39. Take turns teaching each other something new. For instance, one person could teach how to change a flat tire, and the other could teach how to make a favorite dessert.

40. Find a muddy area, dress in shabby clothes, and have a mud fight.

41. Go to a poetry reading. You could even participate if you want to.

42. Wash your cars together.

43. Play video games.

44. Go to the mall or a thrift store and try on outrageous clothes that you would never buy.

45. Have your own decathlon. Some ideas for events are: hula hoops, jump rope, foot-racing, crab walks, etc.

46. Have your own private dance in a parking lot. Turn music on in your car and leave the doors open.

47. Go to a video arcade.

48. Feed the ducks at a lake.

49. Have a night-in watching a romantic movie and feeding each other strawberries.

50. If you don’t have kids of your own, borrow someone else’s! Take a kid to the park to play.