Top Five Basic Scrapbooking Supplies

A beginner to scrapbooking can be overwhelmed by all of the tools, gadgets, embellishments and supplies that almost seem needed to create beautiful layouts. With all of the items for sale in a scrapbook shop, it’s a wonder that many people consider scrapbooking an expensive hobby. However, it really isn’t. It can be rewarding, satisfying and can preserve every memory you are desiring, for not much money at all.

These are the top five basic scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started in this wonderful hobby.

1. An Album – I do not ever recommend a spiral type album to a beginner. You will need a binder that is flexible and easy to add to and take away from. If you are the type of person to want everything in an order, which many scrapbookers are, you will want the ability to add and move pages as you go.

2. Pair of Scissors – This is again, a personal pick. Choose the scissors that are the most comfortable for you. You will use them to cut out embellishments, paper piecings, crop photos and a whole lot more.

3. Cardstock – Be sure to use acid-free cardstock and not just the paper you find at copier places. Often that paper is loaded with acid and will just eat away at your photographs over time. You can even keep it simple with cardstock. Purchase a huge package of solid white cardstock and then as you go, you can add colorful pieces for matting purposes and decorations on the page.

4. Adhesive – This is truly a personal choice, but it is necessary for scrapbooking. You need some type of adhesive to be sure your photographs and other page layout decorations stay in place.

5. Photographs – Last but certainly not least, the photographs, which are the most important part of the layout. Scrapbooking is about preserving the memories and without the photographs, there is no visual story to tell. That isn’t to say that there won’t be a page or two in your album that doesn’t have a photograph to go with it, but without a doubt, pictures are the key to any scrapbook.

Please watch the scrapbooking blog for more intermediate and advanced supplies, to make your layouts truly shine.