Top Five Favorite Scrapbooking Album Companies

Albums are a definite must have supply for scrapbooking. Without them, there certainly would be no scrapbook, and with them, you have a beautiful legacy to pass along. Do you struggle to find an album that works for you? I recently took a poll on my website to find out what the top scrapbooking album companies were.

The poll listed ten popular scrapbooking supply companies that carry albums and over 390 votes came in. I did not include an “other” category, simply because that wouldn’t help in discovering the top five. The poll was set up so that you could vote only once and only for one album. These are the results which show scrapbooker’s top five album choices:

1. K & Company

2. Colorbök

3. Close to My Heart

4. American Crafts

5. Stampin’ Up

None of the results actually surprised me, and the only thing I wish the poll had included was the types of albums available. For instance: three ring binder style, strap hinge and post bound. Also, spiral bound, top-loading, side loading, etc. The results might have been different, since different companies carry different types of scrapbooking albums. Surprisingly nobody voted for any of the Martha Stewart albums at all. I actually think they are beautiful but a bit pricey and off sized for my taste.

So that is it for that particular poll. I have others that have been completed that I will share soon. If you would be interested in finding out the top supplies of any type, let me know and I will happily run a poll to find out.

In addition, earlier today I also posted an article about How Many Pages an Album Will Hold. Be sure to check out the explanation, which hopefully will come in useful when you are wanting to expand your album.

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