Top Five Intermediate Scrapbooking Tools

An Intermediate scrapbooker is beginning to see a vision in their layouts. More often than not, they are ready to really get into embellishing the layout and using supplies that make scrapbooking easier. Even a beginner will enjoy using some of these supplies, and will want them right away. They are not necessarily provided only for an Intermediate scrapbooker. They are just another part of the scrapbooking world, and are not needed as often for a very basic scrapbook.

These are the top five Intermediate scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started in this wonderful hobby.

1. Page Protectors – While page protectors are probably not the most needed item in basic scrapbooking, and you can get away with not using them, they are certainly required when you get more into intermediate and advanced scrapbooking. It is easier to place your completed layouts in albums, if you have page protectors. And at the same time, they protect your photographs and creative layouts from fingerprints, humidity and other things. With added embellishments and other page decorations you will definitely want page protectors in place.

2. A Paper Trimmer – Straight edge cutters are best, because they allow an easy way to get that perfectly straight cut each time. A cutter is an essential tool as it makes scrapbooking faster and allows for more creative cuts, than a regular pair of scissors.

3. A Journaling Pen – This is important so you can record the date, the basic info and your stories. A good pen is important, so make sure you purchase one designed for scrapbooking. Acid free is the only way to go with a journaling pen.

4. Sketches, Idea Books and Magazine Subscriptions – Again, not a necessary part of scrapbooking, but a great resource for ideas, creativity and most of all, seeing what others are doing on their layouts. Having a resource to find ideas is as simple as looking around you, but many scrapbookers live for their idea books and magazines.

5. Corner Rounders, Hole Punches and Templates – These simply make scrapbooking a bit easier, but can take some time to get used to. They are not essential, but they sure make scrapbooking more fun.